Dennis on the Road

Friday, June 30, 2006

Get a life

"Bicycle projects in San Francisco, from the ambitious Blue Greenway initiative to new bike lanes to the simple shared-lane arrows, or "sharrows," that have been painted on some roadways, have been shut down by a preliminary injunction that Judge James Warren signed as one of his final actions before retiring.

The ruling is part of a lawsuit brought by Rob Anderson, a 63-year-old dishwasher, blogger (whose District 5 Diary regularly blasts the "bike nuts" and "anticar activists"), and failed District 5 supervisorial candidate."

I think I've discovered the world's most irrational person…. although a close second would be the judge who sided with him.

Rob Anderson would be easy to laugh off as a nut case if he were not grinding cycling safety in San Francisco to a halt.

Here's the full article in the SF Bay Guardian that is quoted above.

Here's the link for the nut case’s blog. Leave him a comment. We'll see if he leaves one here..

Lance: quit punking my heros

Lance was, without a doubt, a phenomenal athlete, but I like him less by the day. He, and his team of thugs (from his sugar daddy Thom Weisel on down) are continuing to piss me off by stomping on some of my true cycling heroes. Greg LeMond says that Lance threatened his business, his life, even his wife! And now it turns out that Lance has been punking my Michigan homeboy Frankie Andreu and his wife. Lance... fess up... we know you want to be the governor of Texas some day, but don't worry, we've already proven, here in California, that an arrogant performance-enhancing-doper can win an election.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

10 reasons to love/hate Tour de Nez

Top 10 reasons to love/hate Tour de Nez (in random order):

10.) One of the most beautiful road race courses I have experienced (beside snow-capped mountains and Lake Tahoe

9.) The promoters love what they do (and humbly annoint themselves with job titles like "Supreme Commander" and "Event Goddess.)

8.) A really bad live metal band and very drunk fans on the crash-prone final corner of the Trukee Crit.

7.) A terrific host housing hook-up... complete with a 20 year old, Satan-possessed cat.

6.) Free BBQ, beer, and mint juleps!!!

5.) Dangerous hair art done w/ clippers in the hands of Sukie and Aaron

4.) Tying up vacationer traffic for hours, fighting to stay “in the envelope”, topping 60 mph on the decent, and having a fleet of CHP motorcycle cops opening both lanes of the highway for us to roll though unhindered in a 108 mile road race at elevations over 6000’!

3.) The crits are fun to watch... even if I end up watching the later part from the sideline.

2.) A level of competition that is humbling for an old man like me.

1.) Being on a strong (and fun loving) team that held its own among the power-houses of US cycling.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

A view of life in Palestine

My friend Jakob Schiller recently traveled to Palestine and created this “Portrait of a Palestinian Town” for PBS’ Frontline World. I hope you take a minute to see his “week in the life” of a small town that has faced tremendous challenges and is about to be dealt a major blow when an Israeli “security wall” will cut its residents off from their jobs and commercial center.

Both the written story and the narrated Flash presentation are well worth the few minutes it will take to gain insight into the lives of the residents of Wada Fukin.

Excellent work, Jakob, I’m proud of you

Thursday, June 01, 2006

BBQ June 12!

Many folks reading this already know ~ by email, evite, or personal invite ~ that I'll be BBQing on Monday June 12! The guest of honor is candidate for US Senate, Todd Chretien. Go to this evite for more info or leave a note in the "comments" by clicking below.

All are invited, but please RSVP. I hope to see you there.

Here's Todd's website. (The video of him on the Bill O'Reilly Factor is quite entertaining.)