Dennis on the Road

Monday, January 08, 2007

Zooming into '07

So 2006 was fast, and 2007 should be even faster. It was just anounced that for 2006 RHVilla/Montano Velo Cycling Team was 2nd in the Best All-Around Team competition for Northern California/Nevada. (We did this with half the riders and a quarter of the budget of the team that beat us.)

In 2007 we've added a new title sponsor and are now BPG/Monatano Velo. (Proudly sponsored by a pot club, a Jamaincan villa, and the dopest bike shop in the Bay Area.)

And in the first training race of the season, the January 7 Fremont Early Bird, we lit it up. In a field of 100 we organized a strong leadout train and took 2nd. The top spot on the podium is just one step away, and you should see us there often.

For the details, check out the last two entries I put up on the team blog.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Blurry and Blissful Birthday

All I can say is that I’m glad that my birthday falls in the off-season. Jamiel, Christian, Martin, et. al. threw me the best belated-birthday party I have ever had. I guess that means no more complaining about how awful January 2nd is as a birthday since no one wants to celebrate in the shadow of the holidays. This crew was frighteningly fresh when it came to partying. The pictures here hint at the debauchery. (Consider that your warning and my disclaimer… click at your own risk.)

The night started off with a delicious dinner at Ichiro in downtown Oakland. The table was packed with about 30 folks. After collectively consuming more sushi than I have ever seen, more sake than I can recall, and a delicious birthday cake (thanks Jamiel!), the bravest dozen of our crew walked down the block to a karaoke bar. We were the only ones in the house when we arrived, but when the staff saw the degree of our obnoxiousness, they hustled us into a private room the minute other customers appeared.

Here’s Matt opening up the mic. If you dare to share in our eclectic range of tunes, click on any of the links below. Thanks everyone who came out for making this such a fun and memorable evening. I’m honored.

Martin is not a 'tard

BPG/RHvilla/Montano Velo theme song

Anarchy in OakTown

99 Blurred Balloons
Would Sharona really choose this?
The 50 Cent Choir
Jamiel Dogg