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Friday, June 30, 2006

Get a life

"Bicycle projects in San Francisco, from the ambitious Blue Greenway initiative to new bike lanes to the simple shared-lane arrows, or "sharrows," that have been painted on some roadways, have been shut down by a preliminary injunction that Judge James Warren signed as one of his final actions before retiring.

The ruling is part of a lawsuit brought by Rob Anderson, a 63-year-old dishwasher, blogger (whose District 5 Diary regularly blasts the "bike nuts" and "anticar activists"), and failed District 5 supervisorial candidate."

I think I've discovered the world's most irrational person…. although a close second would be the judge who sided with him.

Rob Anderson would be easy to laugh off as a nut case if he were not grinding cycling safety in San Francisco to a halt.

Here's the full article in the SF Bay Guardian that is quoted above.

Here's the link for the nut case’s blog. Leave him a comment. We'll see if he leaves one here..


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