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Thursday, August 25, 2005

my kick ass hapa hommie

Most of you know, whether you’ve met her or not, that I’ve got an amazing housemate. Sachi and I both been traveling so much that we’ve only seen each other a few times this summer. (Somehow we manage to still get our rent paid on time.) We shared breakfast this morning and caught up on gossip and travel tales. In the year & 1/2 that she’s lived here she’s been to China, Afghanistan, Puerto Rico, Phillie, NYC, and LA. In two weeks she’s off to Finland. She makes even me look sedentary.

I’ve been privileged in the time that we’ve lived together to see the evolution of a couple documentaries that she is creating. One has just been published on PBS’ Frontline World website. It is a 14-minute video that I’m assigning all of you to watch! It is beautiful, interesting, and inspirational. David kicks Goliath’s ass in this one. (Leave a comment on this weblog… I’d be curious to know your thoughts.)

The story is currently on the front page of Frontline World. Here is the direct link to Sachi’s piece that should remain active even after a new front-page story goes up.


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