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Friday, August 19, 2005

"crazy-ass English teacher"

What a way to start my morning. I’m in a little café across from Dolores Park in SF. I just got my oatmeal and cappuccino (I still need coffee to function) and powered-up my laptop. Received messages. And I read, and reread, the first email. I’m humbled unspeakably humbled and touch by this.

The message below is from Kirby Garcia. He and his wife Maya Cox were two of my most memorable students. Their creativity, drive, and old-soul wisdom fueled my teaching practice. It has been seven or eight years since I’ve worked with them and many years since we’ve talked. Yet those two are often on my mind. Experiences that we shared were at least as formative for me as a new teacher as for them as students. What a wonderful surprise to get this message.

Reading and rereading this, I’m reflecting on what good teaching is and I’m feeling motivated to return to the practice, seeking out an environment that will foster and challenge the spirit and body as well as the mind.

Here’s the message…


That's alright! You got some exciting things going on there. I knew you were up to something of that nature. You've always been that outgoing, spontaneous, adventurous dude.
Maya was very excited to hear that I got in contacted with you, and we are both looking forward to talking to you as well.

We moved to Phillie because we liked it here, after visiting twice, about three years ago. We've always wanted to travel, ever since high school.

There was this really cool, crazy ass English teacher, who for some odd reasons, took a liking to us. He tended to always challenge our abilities. Being two very competitive individuals, Maya and I took on all challenges. As rewards for our success, this crazy cool guy, gave us the "traveling bug". Yep, he sent me to a beautiful country, called Belize. And Maya, to a number of places.

Since high school, we've gotten married with two kids and still have not lost the "bug"! We planned this trip to Phillie for two years. We sold our home in Oakland, packed up the Camry, and the Garcia's drove across country. Man! Our family and friends thought we were "crazy" just like that ol' English teacher, back in high school. lol…

What led me to look you up? Well I've tried a couple of times, but obviously the wrong email address. To answer your question, You!!! See, in life there are certain people, places, and things that gets stuck into you mental hard drive. Once recorded, it just stays there. Whether the reason is a good or bad or both, just know that you are a great one.

I also looked up Khalid, of Noble Mentors. He was very shocked to hear my voice over the phone. I am looking for Drependba, if you have any contact on him please let me know. I'm just checking in with all the good folks! Who supported, believed in me and respected me.


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How cool...That was great!


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