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Thursday, August 11, 2005

family time, california

Amanda-Panda-Pudding-Pie-Pooh-Bear has been living only three blocks from my house for a year... and I'm embarrassed to say how little we've seen of each other. It didn't help that we were both working a ton, she in the evenings and me during the day, and that on weekends I would take off and race while she would usually take off to the mountains or ocean. Even so, it was great to have her around for a while and to have family on the left coast. Meanwhile, the other youngin' in the family is out for a visit. It has been great hanging out with Josh and Amanda. I sure am blessed with a great family.

In other news, I've posted a bunch of new photos. (Click on the green text to see the photo. Click the "back" button in your browser to return to this page.)

I found a bunch of good photos from Superweek and have created a new folder for them. (Note, I'm bustin' copy write laws with this post.) Sorry if the multiple clothes and bikes cause confusion. (I was racing in kits from this year and last and I was on two bikes due to a terminal illness in my shifter.)

I've also posted a bunch of new photos from the summer ventures in the humidity drenched Midwest. Start here and click "next" 18 times to see what is new.

Not too camera shy at start of Arlington Heights Crit in IL. And another from the same race.

Finally, here is a great shot from last Sunday's Timpani Crit near San Jose that showed up on-line.


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