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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

learning quest

I’m leaving Eagle Rock School this morning, renewed and inspired. The intentionality of this community, the way in which youth and adults challenge each other to grow, and a holistic approach to learning has prompted me to set high goals for my personal growth during this unique stage of my life.

My goals are to use this time as a learning quest: to open my mind beyond its current borders; to read a broad variety of literature, history, and political/cultural perspective; to make time with friends, family, and strangers meaningful ~ to listen, share, learn, and teach. I want to improve my Spanish dramatically. And I want to continue to set, record, and reflect upon goals for my personal growth. Writing them here is a way for me to hold myself accountable to them (and for you to hold me accountable as well.)

By the way: I'm having difficulty up-loading photos to this blog, but I have posted pictures from the first days of this trip here.


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