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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Dennis' transition begins

I would rather be out on the bike on this SUNday than in the Mac store, but the fact that I'm getting a new iBook for free (finally after 3 previous logic board deaths) makes this worth while. I'm killing time by setting up this blog, so I have a place to keep folks (that's you) up-to-date on my adventures (without flooding your email).

Here's the current Tour de Dennis plans...

June 17... the first Oasis High Schooler's graduation!
June 30... my last day of work
Early July... driving East
July 9 - 24 Superweek!
Late July (and a few days during Superweek) visiting family and friends in Grand Rapids
August... return trip West
September 3... Fly to Trinidad
September 15 - 19 Tobago International Cycling Classic
Late September - November 30... Venezuela!

more to come!


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