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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


When I started teaching at 24 years old, I figured I would be in and out of the career in a couple of years. I never thought that twelve years later I would be reading emails from former students across the country who are several years older now than I was then. Some have families, some are in grad school, most are actively pursuing their dreams. I’m proud of every one of them and honored when they touch base.

I’ve been inspired by tremendously talented and creative students. In turn, I did what I could to create a space that would foster and constructively challenge that creativity while advancing the goals and standards of my high school English classes.

I am excited to see that so many of my students have continued to pursue creative endeavors. Although I haven’t become an active user of MySpace (yet?) it is becoming a great way to keep up with the always-evolving music, art, and personal philosophy of some of those whose influence shaped my teaching practice and impacted my life. Here’s a few (just click on the link to go to their websites)…

In high school, Kirby’s creative energy flowed like the rain did this winter! While teachers are prone to complain about grading, I always looked forward to reading his work. I’m very happy to see that Kirby continues to pursue his music, under the moniker Koshen.

Maya, AKA Ms. Balance, was also in the same class as Kirby. Her singing and dancing were inspiring, and like Kirby, she possessed a golden pen. It should be no surprise that these two would find each other, be married, and now have two children who are already actively studying music.

A musical partner of theirs in high school was Jermaine. Jermaine has also married his high school sweetheart, Lakisha, and he continues to pursue his music as Maine Attraction. Jermaine has followed a spiritual calling, which is the direction his music, through Turf Ministries, has taken.

There are many more… but I’ve got to turn back to today’s work and away from the stroll down memory lane.


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